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Granite City Community Concert & Swing Band

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Butch MestemacherThe Granite City Community Band is an open organization that accepts members from high school age on up. The band is run by a board, elected by the members of the band. The current band board is:

  • President – Lisa Hartley
  • Vice President – Mary Liszewski
  • Secretary – Frances Ellis
  • Treasurer -Bob Auer

To contact the board through email, please use

Our Music Director and Conductor is Butch Mestemacher,

Swing Band Manager

 If you are interested in hiring out the GC Swing for your event or dance, please contact one of the Board members or the Director.

Postal Mail

The postal mail address for the band is:
PO Box 441
Granite City IL 62040

Web Master

To get in touch with the webmaster, please use Suggestions, pictures, and corrections are more than welcome!


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